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(TM2) Results: ғιяе» May Cup 17

Tue May 30, 2017 7:46 pm

I stopped the last Fire Cup on Maniaplanet3 earlier than normal, because I'm out of town tomorrow. The cup wasn't a regular one, because after MP4 was published the server first disappear, then came back for just a few players on the 'frozen' MP3 install. Nevertheless it was fun to stunt with some veterans of the Tm2-Stunt Fire Cup, after TM2-Stunts clearly seems to be dead. A short rebirth, but the last chance to play some Maps with PF, which are broken in MP4 now. I will add some good PF maps for the last days on the Cup Server, if someone likes to play them before the Stunts Master Server will be shut down next week. There is no Payout this month, because all Planets have been taken from server to save them if something unregular with MP3 will come. Personal donations are screenshoted. The Planets are saved for the next Stunt-Cup on the new Title. This will take some time, because there is much to do.

Bonus-Master this month: 1. OTMB-HGL 83pts.
2. Ρζαςοκんο: 61 pts.
+ Lƒt momo^ Frχ: 61 pts

The Cup Results:


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